Black Rob Speaks After Leaving The Hospital

After an outpour of concern from fans spread throughout the Internet, former Bad Boy Records signee Black Rob delivers an update on his well-being.

On Saturday (April 10), DJ Self uploaded a video of Rob describing the hardships he’s experienced recently. According to Self, Rob is out of the hospital but he’s “not at 100 percent.” In his latest video, Rob said, between labored breaths, that he suffered from four strokes over the past five years or so. He also said that his living situation isn’t ideal and that he just needs some rest.

“I mean I’ve been feeling like this for five years,” Black Rob said in the video. “Four strokes… damn, I don’t know what to tell you man. This shit is crazy. This shit is hard man. You know what I’m saying. I don’t got no house to live in except an apartment that me and my man be trying to get together. I’m telling you man this shit is strange. It’s hard man. I don’t know what the people gonna do or what they gonna say. But I need some rest man. Really I need some rest man. My side is killing me.”

Prior to the recent video update, people took to social media to show their concern for the rapper’s health. On Friday (April 9), the Buffalo native appeared in a video in which he wore a medical gown and laid in a hospital bed. “Pain is crazy, man,” Rob said in a harsh, raspy voice. “It’s helping me out though. It’s making me realize I gotta lot to go on. I gotta lot to go on, man.”

There was no mention as to why Rob was in the hospital in the first place or how long he had been there. However, the person recording the video did ask the rapper how he felt about DMX. Towards the end, we can hear Rob sound weak as he showed love to the late Yonkers legend.

“I feel everything about X,” Rob said in response to X’s passing. “X, one love, positive. Big love to X.”

The initial video first appeared on entertainment manager Kal Dawson’s Instagram timeline. In his caption, Dawson asked his followers to pray for the “Whoa!” MC, and said his client’s got a story to tell. Later on, Mark Curry, who appeared with Diddy and Rob on “Bad Boy For Life,” also offered an update, which was reposted to the beleaguered rapper’s Instagram timeline. Another post was added to Rob’s Instagram timeline shortly after Curry’s video, which claims that the 52-year-old is good and home from the hospital.

Black Rob has been dealing with severe health problems for nearly a decade. According to XXL, Black Rob, who first got down with Bad Boy Records in 1996, suffered a stroke back in 2013. Two years later, he recalled what led to the stroke, and how he changed his life around in order to make a full recovery. “After I had my stroke, I had to re-memorize all my shit, all my lyrics,” Rob said. “I didn’t know them. So that right there was the biggest challenge. Years. That took years, man. I been fucking with this shit, struggling with this, with my baby moms, for years. It took me one year to deal with all this shit, stressing. Then it took me one year to memorize everything I had. Now I’m back, I don’t feel no pain.”

A GoFundMe link was established by Mike Zombie to help bring in some donations for Rob. However, the fundraiser was recently put on pause. We’ll keep you updated on Black Rob’s condition.


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