In These Streetz Ep. 8: The Battlemania Episode ft. Empress Raw & Inikio

The crew raps with Empress Raw and the new Battlemania champ in episode eight of the ‘In These Streetz’ podcast.

Among the plethora of hot events that heat up the block every year, Battlemania II made a bit of an impact on Miami’s hip-hop culture this summer. Before the end of this surgical summer, we had to have both hosts and this year’s rapping champ to come through and talk about it.

DJ Lucky C and I chop it up with Wilemeana Jones aka Empress Raw, who helped produce and host the event, and Liberty City rapper Inikio, who claimed the championship belt from last year’s winner JayHitUp, to talk about the event, the plans for next year, Inikio’s budding music career, and plenty more.

Stream episode 8 of the In These Streetz podcast below.

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