In These Streetz: DJ Hercules Defends The “She-J’s” Of Miami

DJ Hercules opens up about her journey to be 99 JAMZ’s female on-air mixer, defends the She-J’s of the industry and more.

South Florida is full of talented on-air mixers, but aren’t many that can measure up to DJ Hercules. For the last four years, the midday “She-J” has been making a name for herself as one of the most diverse DJ’s in Miami. The only woman to bless the decks at 99 JAMZ continues to chisel her story into radio history with every mix she makes and every party and event she headlines.

Throughout her journey to the top, Herc has had plenty of high points, but she’s also experienced her share of struggle and negativity from the haters. In episode six of In These Streetz, Hercules opens up about the hardships of being a female DJ. She also defends the women of the music industry, and talks about her ambitions outside of the radio station. She claims producing is in her future, but what she really wants to do is benefit the community by supporting numerous causes. Which ones you ask? Push play and find out!

Listen to In These Streetz episode six below.

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