In These Streetz: DJ Entice Reveals How He Became “The Tough Guy”

Bring him a challenge somebody.

OG mixer and host of the Saturday Night Thunderstorm DJ Entice sits down with myself and DJ Lucky C for episode four of ‘In These Streets.’ The Tough Guy talks about how he got to 99 JAMZ in the early 2000s and describes his work on the decks alongside DJ Khaled.

Entice answers our burning questions regarding his iconic moniker and his other notorious drops. At one point, we asked him to tell us about the wildest party he’s ever performed at, and honestly we’re just glad he’s alive to tell the tale. He also opens up about life as a student athlete before diving deep into Miami’s nightlife in South Beach and Downtown.

Listen to episode four of ‘In These Streetz’ featuring DJ Entice below.

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