Meet The Inaugural Battlemania Champions: Radio Jamez, DJ OnDa Beat & Jay Hit Up

Get to know the champion DJ, Producer, and rapper from Battlemania 2017.

If you missed out on our first annual Battlemania showdown, then you need to meet our inaugural champions. Battlemania at Token Miami brought out the best rappers, DJ’s and producers from Miami’s bubbling underground hip-hop scene for a competition that South Florida has never seen before. While the Original Bumbu and Belaire flowed from the bar, Wilameana Jones of UNTV and I watched a talented group of artists go head-to-head on the stage for the championship belt (and all the bragging rights). The seasoned panel of judges Vince Valholla, Karen KD Douglas, and Bryon Trice of Cleanface Management along with the crowd selected the inaugural champions of Battlemania.

ICYMI: Here’s What You Missed From Battlemania 2017 At Token Miami

All three of our winners are artists to watch out for in Miami. DJ Radio Jamez aka the Pac Jam President spins at the most popping clubs throughout South Florida. Producer DJ OnDa Beat crafts beats for the most prominent voices in Dade County, and Jay Hit Up slaughtered the mic at every opportunity. For all the outsiders looking in, hit the jump to get to know all three inaugural Battlemania champs.

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