Rapper G.H.O.S.T La Familia & Swede 808 Talk ‘Kurrupt City’ [VIDEO]


Florida rapper and the 808 Mafia producer speak about their work on Kurrupt City before opening for Prodigy in Miami. 

On a cool Wednesday night (Oct. 19) in Miami Beach, Roderick Harris Jr. aka “Ghost” sat in the VIP room above Miami Live and watched the crowd populate downstairs. Harris may not be a veteran in this game, but he felt humbled that he would soon be able to share the stage with none other than one half of the legendary rap duo Prodigy.

The New York native had been on the road for his “Commissary Kitchen Tour,” which helped promote his new book Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook. Before the “Shook Ones” rapper blessed the stage, G.H.O.S.T, which stands for “God’s Human, Outlaws, Serving Together,” had the opportunity to give his fans a thorough preview of what to expect from his forthcoming project Kurrupt City.

“The process of making the project took awhile,” Ghost said about his new project before his set. “I got friends who aren’t here anymore that I rap abut. I got some energy and emotions that I really, personally, truly feel that I rap about. It’s really just a story about from then up until now.”

Kurrupt City is a culmination of records that reflect his rough up-bringing in Bryan, Texas and his struggle to remain loyal to God and his education. After making the move from Texas to Miami, Ghost felt inspired to bring his story to life through his raps with songs like “Crowns & Castle,” which was produced by Swede 808 Mafia. Ghost sat next to Swede while we discussed the making of the project and described how they met before getting into the studio.

Afterwards, Ghost hit the stage to perform a few songs off his forthcoming project Kurrupt City. Following his set, Prodigy arrived to spread the good word about his book and of course perform some classic jams from his extensive catalog.

Watch our conversation with G.H.O.S.T. and the official recap below.


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