Rapper Derek Luh Lights Up With B-Real In The Smokebox


Derek Luh chops it up with B-Real in “The Smokebox.”

L.A.’s Derek Luh has built up a charismatic following since breaking out on to the scene. The baby-faced, energetic spitter has been making noise along the West coast with his turnt-up shows and dope tunes. Within the past year, his major single “It’s Luh” and mixtapes like The Second Coming and Hollywood Blvd attracted the likes of Cypress Hill legend B-Real.

Following his appearance on “The Dr. Greenthumb Show,” B-Real invited him for a one-on-one session in his latest episode of “The Smokebox.” Derek speaks on his interesting come-up, his musical influences, football, and the best strains of course.

Check out Derek Luh on “The Smokebox” below.

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