Birdman Demands “Respek” On His Name In His New Video


The Rich Gang founder asks that all “respek” be sent to his home address in New Orleans.

Birdman may have lost the “respek” of loyal fans of The Breakfast Club after his brief yet powerful rant went viral last month. However, the Cash Money CEO combined his business-savvy, street smarts with the power of the Internet to reel his afflicted fanbase back into his grasp.

Days after the infamous interview, Baby entertained us with a new song called “Respek,” which was inspired by the trending quotables from the rant. After making pulling in several racks off t-shirts featuring catchphrases like “I Ain’t Gonna Say It No Mo,” Birdman went back to New Orleans to count his blessings and demand more respek on his name from everyone in the neighborhood.

Watch Birdman bask in the irony of his success in the official video for “Respek.”

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