NEW MUSIC: KAMOS “Own Supply” (Prod. by HeartBeatz)


KAMOS knows Rule #4: “Never get high on your own supply.”

Bronx rapper KAMOS has turned a well-known rule from the Notorious B.I.G’s “10 Crack Commandments” into something positive. While many will correlate the infamous “Rule Number 4” with smoking, KAMOS is out here trying to change the meaning and deliver his own, deep message.

“Everybody has a song about smoking nowadays,” said KAMOS. “I wanted to translate the popular saying into a basic message. And the message is: Never get caught up with what you have because it can be taken away at anytime.”

KAMOS along with producer HeartBeatz give us a break from the “trap rap” with his new single. “Own Supply” brings a refreshing meaning to one of the classics of the Golden Era of hip-hop.


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